No. 12 - Healthy Breakfast - byAgora

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Eating breakfast has many benefits, one of them is that you will have more energy throughout the day. When you wake up, you need to make a healthy morning meal with our super fresh and nutricious Elysian products. Have a nice day! 

'Elysian' Thyme Honey- 270 g 

'Elysian' Oak Honey- 270 g 

'Elysian' Organic Mountain Tea- 30 g 

'Elysian' Mini Thyme Honey- 50 g 

'Elysian' Mini Oak Honey- 50 g

'Elysian' Mini Pine and Wildflower Honey- 50 g 

*In case one of the above products is out of stock, it will be replaced by a similar one of equal or higher price. The total price of the box will remain as it is, regardless of any change in its components.

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